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Entschlüsselung der chinesischen Geschäftskultur

Beginn: 09.10.2024, 9:00 Uhr, Ende: 09.10.2024, 16:30 Uhr

IHK Trier Herzogenbuscher Straße 12, 54292 Trier

Workshop language: German

Register Link: https://www.ihk-trier.de/p/Entschluesselung_der_chinesischen_Geschaeftskultur-9-26377.html


                                    Intercultural Exhibition Training

                                             20 October, 2024 Düsseldorf Exhibition

                              Training language: English


For more workshops or coaching services, please email us explaining your need and we will help you to meet your goals. Workshops can be run face-to-face or virtually  in terms of content and length.


Intercultural competence is an interdisciplinary field involving Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Linguistics, and Neuroscience. A deep understanding of cross-cultural communication can help us synthesize with people from different backgrounds and reach mutually beneficial agreements.


Delivered Workshops in 2024:

  • Cultural Intelligence for Leaders: A Workshop for Navigating Diversity in the Workplace
  • Bridge to Success: Cultivating Effective Business Partnerships with China
  • Euro-Asia Exchange: A Workshop on Strengthening Business Ties with India and China
  • Navigating the mosaics - Intercultural Workshop for HR Managers