Tianwa Li, as a business coach, supports companies, educational institutions and individual professionals to navigate pitfalls in international relations and overcome the intercultural barriers that impact business outcomes and strategic objectives.

  • Intercultural Negotiation
  • Intercultural Business Presentations
  • Leadership
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Intercultural Exhibition 

Meanwhile, Tianwa Li possesses an in-depth understanding of the nuances of both Mandarin and English, ensuring accurate and culturally nuanced translation/interpretation for your high-level conference.


Intercultural Competence: The Unconscious Mind features in-depth conversations on the challenges that business professionals in the 21st- century face. Tianwa (Tina) Li, the author of Decoding Chinese Business Culture, invited some of the most influential intercultural specialists including


 Gert-Jan Hofstede, Michael Gates, Fon Trompenaars, Ursula F Ott, Patrick Schmidt and Phuong - Mai Nygyen from various fields to share their latest research and findings to assist us in navigating cross-cultural challenges.