Tianwa Li supports companies, educational institutions and individual professionals to navigate pitfalls in international relations and overcome the intercultural barriers that impact business outcomes and strategic objectives. 


You will be able to

  • Conduct effective negotiations with people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Sustain and develop your own competitive advantages in foreign markets
  • Increase the productivity, creativity and motivation of your international team
  • Anticipate, identify and solve cross-cultural conflicts to retain top talents

Meanwhile, Tianwa Li possesses an in-depth understanding of the nuances of both Mandarin and English, ensuring accurate and culturally nuanced translations for your high-level conference. Whether it's technical terminology, industry jargon, or complex subject matter, she is well-versed in diverse fields.


Intercultural Competence: The Unconscious Mind features in-depth conversations on the challenges that business professionals in the 21st- century face. Tianwa (Tina) Li, the author of Decoding Chinese Business Culture, invited some of the most influential intercultural specialists including


 Gert-Jan Hofstede, Michael Gates, Fon Trompenaars, Ursula F Ott, Patrick Schmidt and Phuong - Mai Nygyen from various fields to share their latest research and findings to assist us in navigating cross-cultural challenges.